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About Us


With nearly 30 million businesses in the United States, there is a tremendous opportunity to create a centralized organization to provide cybersecurity threat detection, protection and mitigation services.

Phalanx Secure Solutions’ singular view of cyber threats and practices across multiple industries makes us the definitive source for knowledge and best practices.   

Our core values

We are Creators… 
We develop products, services and solutions that shape the cyber security landscape and protect industries, enterprises and individuals from those who wish to harm them.

We are Teachers… 
We train and empower the next generation of cyber talent in ethical, effective practices that protect businesses and assets.

We are Brilliant… 
We are a collection of minds, coming from different perspectives and disciplines, singular in purpose and aligned around one goal – the pursuit of cybersecurity excellence.

We are Ready…  

We are At the Ready™ to defend and protect our clients against cyber threats of all types… to take on the next challenge…  to create change… to be legends.