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If not, you should be!  According to CNBC, over one billion records were compromised via cyber security breaches in 2014. And sadly, the problem is getting worse.  Whether you’re a consumer, a small business or a Fortune 100 company, your data is at risk from increasingly sophisticated cyber hackers.  The Trident CMP™ from Phalanx Secure Solutions is an on-premise micro appliance combined with expert monitoring through Phalanx Secure Solutions’ Security Operations Center (SOC). It can be installed, configured, and commissioned in minutes, providing notifications to users of any potential unknown devices, questionable traffic, or other network issues.

  • Peace of mind – Rest assured that the Trident CMP will keep tabs on your network at all times.
  • Transparency – See all devices on your network through scans performed by our security operations center.
  • Notifications – Receive rapid notifications via text, call or email when unknown devices access your network, a breach is attempted, malware enters a network or attempts to communicate with a command and control server.
  • Remote support – The Phalanx security operations center is also able to provide incident response and network troubleshooting support (additional charges may apply). The Phalanx security operations center is also able to provide incident response and network troubleshooting support (additional charges may apply).

Detect, Identify, and Respond to Cyber Threats

  • Unparallelled expertise – Phalanx Secure Solutions’ security operations center (SOC) is staffed by trained experts with decades of cyber security experience.
  • Design reliability – The Trident CMP is built on a reliable, mass produced COTS hardware platform, and utilizes Phalanx Secure Solutions’ proprietary, Linux based operating system.
  • Easy to install and configure – We’ve done the work for you! The Trident CMP was designed to install in minutes, requiring minimal setup and configuration expertise.
  • Deep industry knowledge – The cyber security landscape is changing on a daily basis. Stay one step ahead of the threats with an organization that sees the risks from all angles.
  • Affordability – Trident CMP was designed with the small business owner and consumer in mind. The nearest competitors charge substantially higher for similar monitoring services.
  • Portability – Planning a move? The Trident CMP can easily be relocated, and will automatically connect with Phalanx Secure Solution’s SOC when reinitiated.




We monitor your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our finely tuned SIEM environment, sending you real actionable alerts. 


Through continual network security monitoring, the Trident CMP serves as your 24/7/365  security operations team for your data. With our team of highly skilled cyber security experts monitoring your network...

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  • Rogue device detection – The Trident CMP monitors for devices that are not expected on your business network. If a rogue device is detected, our SOC will contact you to confirm whether the device is allowed. If not, we help you block it.
  • Man-in-the-middle attack detection – Rogue attempts to intercept your communications or gain unauthorized access to your network are detected.
  • Firewall compliance – The Trident CMP scans for vulnerabilities or holes in your network security and empowers you to be PCI- and HIPAA-compliant.
  • Malware and command, control detection – The presence of malware and ransomware are becoming increasingly common threats to network security and intellectual property. The Trident CMP is able to detect these attacks and our experts can advise businesses on successful management and mitigation.